Sunday, March 27, 2011

1610 AM

"Johnny Lzr now on The Professor Fish Show daily. Check schedule for times."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CD only available from K.Y.B.

To order
send 6.50$ per CDR or 3 for 13$ (ppd)
K.Y.B Productions
c/o R. Vucino
2287 Old Orchard apt 29
Montreal, Qc
H4A 3A7

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BLOWOUT 2011 ( pics- C of O, Bill Bondsmen, Terrible Twos)

Conspiracy of Owls

Bill Bondsmen

Terrible Twos

My apologies to LIQUOR STORE for not getting any pictures :(

Saturday, March 5, 2011

LZR EP info

LZR EP info

track #3- 3SW. No synthesizers were used on this song just 3 shortwave stations layered together (3SW= 3 shortwave)

track #7- 4625. The voice recording is from a Russian spy/numbers station on shortwave. They use these stations to relayed messages to spies in the field. ( 4625= 4625 hrz on shortwave, aka UVB-76)
and much more...

Conspiracy of Owls SXSW shows

Trailer Space Records (Burger)
Wed. March 16 at 11:00pm

Treehouse Diddly Party at Cheers Shot Bar
Thurs. March 17 at 12:00pm

The Dive Bar Day Stage @ The Hotel Vegas (Foxy Productions)
Fri. March 18 at 4:00pm

Day-time House Party (Burger)
Fri. March 18 at 8:30pm

Night-time House Party (Burger)
Sat. March 19 at 10:30pm


11-Chicago IL Permanent Records
11- Chicago IL (Empty Bottle)
12- Milwaukee WI (Cactus Club)
13- Lafayette IN (The Black Sparrow Pub)
14-lawrence,KS (the replay)
16- Austin TX (the Happening House)
17- SXSW - Sacred Bones Showcase 6pm outside!
17- SXSW - Blackout Booking Showcase (Headhunters)
18-SXSW - GONER records Showcase
19-New Orleans-"Siberia"
...20- Huntsville AL.(the Warmer)
21- Memphis TN (Murphys)
22- Nashville TN-"Glenn Danzigs House)
23- Columbus OH (The Summit)

25th OCTOPUS + HUMAN EYE + ACID WITCH hamtramck, mi (Paychecks)